Digging & Excavation

Are you planning any projects on property that involve digging and excavation?

For safety’s sake, before you start, please contact Underground Locating Services (ULS) to locate any utility lines on your site.

Utility lines that can be located include gas, water, electricity, drainage, telephone and cable TV lines.

The most cost effective way of locating buried services. Gas, electricity, telecome, water or sewerage. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in all locations in the State of Victoria

  Cable & Pipe Locating
  NULCA Member
  Telstra Optic Fibre Accredited Locator
  LPS Trained


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Planning your Project

Plan – Obtain plans by contacting Underground Locating Services before you dig!

Pothole – After ULS has identified your utility, pot-holing is to be carried out to establish the exact location of all underground assets using a hand shovel.

Protect – Protecting and supporting exposed plant is the responsibility of the constructor, always erect safety barriers in areas at risk to protect underground assets.

Proceed – Only when you have planned, pot-holed and put the protective measures in place.


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We are…

TELSTRA Optic Fibre Accredited Locator

  • Underground Locating Services Pty Ltd is a Telstra Optic Fibre Accredited locator which is closely aligned with the 1100 DBYD.
  • Review and verifying Telstra plans.
  • Interpreting Telstra Network plans to ascertain the approximate location of Telstra plant.
  • Identifying cable locations for Telstra plant other than major plant.
  • Supervising manual exposure.


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We use…

  • The latest technology.
  • The new RD8000 Location System is much more than a Web-enabled locator.
  • Using a new generation of technology it leapfrogs all others not just in features but in performance and ease of use.
  • The RD8000 is the world’s most advanced cable and pipe locating system.


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We come to you… fully insured

  • Professional Indemnity
    • Underground Locating Services give you the peace of mind you need when excavating, it is nice to know that you are dealing with a professional and that ULS is covered.
  • Public Liability
    • Your safety is our problem not yours. Be rest assured because we are totally covered.
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